GMC Syclone arrives with V8 power and 750 HP, thanks to SVE

به گزارش سرویس فناوری موتور جستجوی خبری آک تک به نقل از سی نت ...

به گزارش سرویس فناوری موتور جستجوی خبری آک تک به نقل از سی نت

Rad. Really rad.


The GMC Syclone is one of those obscure vehicles with an utterly gigantic following. The performance truck took the world by storm in 1991 with a limited-run of production of just under 3,000 built. While GMC likely won’t tackle such a vehicle again, Special Vehicle Engineering gladly carries the torch.

On Thursday, SVE’s reborn GMC Syclone came into the world and the madmen stuffed a V8 engine into the Canyon it’s based on. Not only is there V8 power, 5.3-liter V8 borrowed from other GM vehicles boasts a supercharger to crank power to 750 horsepower and 600 pound-feet of torque. I’d say that’s a proper followup to the original Syclone, and the trusty L83 V8 includes numerous upgrades to help it handle all the extra power packed in. It’s way cooler than the first Syclone SVE pumped out.

Not only did SVE totally overhaul the powertrain, each and every supercharged horsepower flows to a full-time all-wheel drive system, again in the spirit of the original Syclone. SVE also says the V8 swap weighs nearly the same as the Canyon’s original V6 engine, so all the changes don’t affect the weight distribution.

Obviously, a Syclone needs to look the part, and SVE handled that well without going over the top. The truck rides lower and the front fascia gains a revised bumper to help dial up the sporting factor. The hood also wears a big scoop. New wheels with red Syclone accents and more Syclone badges on the side and the tailgate put a bow on this street truck package.

Inside, SVE says leather upholstery is optional, and for those that want it, they can choose one of two colors to match GMC’s factory options. Either red accents with white stitching or black with white stitching are available, depending on the factory leather color. “Syclone V8 Supercharged” also reads load and proud in embroidery on the headrests.

SVE basically acts as a shadow performance brand for GM as it serves as a tier one supplier to the automaker, and the company continues to deliver. For those who need a 750-hp GMC pickup in their lives, SVE only plans to build 50 of them, so it’ll be very limited. It’s unclear how much the conversion costs, but judging by the upgrades, it won’t come cheaply.

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